Tuesday, February 10, 2009


This is Gracie-my mom's cat.

For reasons I don't fully understand, this cat doesn't like the children. She hisses, growls and slaps at them. This cat stink-eyed me once and slapped a pen out of my hand. She is completely unreasonable.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Port O Part Duh

Jellyfish leftovers:

All the kids got to drive the boat. Funny thing-when the boys drove, the men said nothing-not ONE word-to them. When the GIRL had her turn, niether one of those men quit talking to her. It was really quite annoying.

The beach blew bubbles for us:

The water was like glass on the bay side-it was amazing!
No one else was on the island that morning-God left us a message

Love the Lord with all your heart!

It got a little cold trying to find a good fishing spot:


The Grill Man:

It was an awesome weekend! Thank you Julia and Donnie!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Port O'Connor

Last week was like heaven. I went to Julia's Port O beach house for a mom vacation. We did nothing. There is nothing like doing nothing to revive my spirits! Something about a 3 hour nap every day is refreshing. The nothing we did (besides napping) included coffee every morning on the deck, lots of good food, laughing, a little (thrift store) shopping, reading, crafting and staying up way late watching really goofy movies. Can you imagine a better time?
Port O'Connor is an odd little place-it's at the end of the road-literally. Here are some shots from around town-this is just a wee tiny bit of the oddness that is Port O.
Found on a restaurant front wall:

Space ship pod?

Trailer Park Chic:

Movie store:

We ran out of movies one night-thought about calling, but figured 11 Sunday night would be rude:

One of the best things about POC-hairdo, makeup, clothes that match and teeth: NOT REQUIRED!

I got to spend 5 glorious, indulgent days there. Lucky for me my friends hospitality runs deep~I got to come back with DH and the kids on Friday! More on that next time~