Saturday, December 19, 2009

NYC Part1

It's very early and we are ready to go!

Don't eat here:

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

NYC Part 2

Had breakfast in Bryant Park-

Jane, Cathy, Debbie
Debbie was the ring-leader of our expedition. These ladies were so sweet to sit and wait for us while we ice skated!
I am not graceful. Not one bit. I wonder if my BFF was trying to take me out. It was all her idea and she KNOWS how un-graceful I am. Hmmm.
Turns out I did OK-only fell once. She didn't get too far from the railing herself:
Had a monsterous macaroon at a neat grocery store called Amish Market:

Then we went down to Ground Zero. It was overwhelming just to be near it. They haven't completed the monument yet. This is the church (St. Paul's?) across the street that was used as a staging area. Cathy noticed this heart in the dirt. It was not 'made'-it just developed after the rain:
This chucrh was here before the U.S. was even a country:

Next was a trip through China Town where they tried to hawk knock-off bags like crack (psst...Louis Viitton, Coach). Didn't hang out there long and went to Little Italy which was absolutely charming! I loved the narrow streets and million restaurants.
Next, Battery Park to see Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty:

We were too late to take a ferry out-but you can't go to NY without at least stopping by:
Back to room to get ready for Mamma Mia!! Can you feel the joy?:
This was definitely a highlight of the trip:

By the 2nd day our feet were screaming!!!! We had no choice but to bust out the house shoes and Grampa slilppers-yes, we have no shame:
Had dinner after the show at about 11 p.m. Time is nothing in NYC!
There were all kinds of musicians in the subway stations. This guy was a favorite-he put on quite a show with his pots and pans and 5 gallon buckets:

NYC Part 3

Day 3: Shopping on 5th Avenue. The windows at Berdorf Goodman were incredible-much better than Macy's in fact:

Hard to believe the economy is having issues-this place was packed!

Some stuff we didn't get:
Grand Central Station: