Friday, March 28, 2008


The Junque Season has finally started! Today was our first trip of the season to the spring antique show in Warrenton. I am telling you, this place is Heaven. It's miles and miles of yard sales, antiques, and junque! This show happens twice a year (April and October) and it is an absolute MUST. In 2002, I was in LABOR with kid #3, but there was NO WAY I was missin' any time out there. (Aw, those were good times...) Anyway, the day started with the usual Friday routine-Tammy was really looking for some attention today so she bought and wore the ugliest freakin' earrings ever made. See for yourself:Next we stopped to visit our friend the "shirt-guy" and took a picture with his big chicken

Cynthia, Me, Tammy, Julia.

Tammy just had to "ride the white pony":The Shirt Guy had this lovely display for our viewing pleasure:I mean-who doesn't love a bowl of babies.

From there we pulled into Warrenton Proper. Whoa Nelly, there was some yippee-in' and some yahoo-in' going on!

We drove on through Warrenton to the other side of Round Top-nearly to Carmine. Found some pretty interesting stuff there:
Thank God there's only one!I don't know about this. I can't really see that it's good advertising for anything except maybe a glue factory.
This is the lunch line. $3 for a BBQ sandwich, chips and drink-what a deal!Thought REAL hard about this one, but sadly decided against it...HAHAHAHAHAHAI am really hoping my neighbors don't see this and become inspired! (See my flikr photos-set called OMG Crap in my neighbors yard and other unnecessary ugliness to see why the fear is real am really not one who digs yard art, but I have been wanting one of these things forever!
This must be the original Brokeback Mountain cowboy-he's sure got some sugar on 'im! I think he's saying real breathy-drop 'em, cowboy. Anyway-had a lot fun with that.
I'm sorry to say-we drove Cynthia to drinkin'.

Apparently, cigarettes back in the day contained more than just your average tobacco. This little honey looks likes she's been strung out on heroine for a while. Headed home about 5 o'clock to dream about our own shabby chic palaces...

We are going back Wednesday-I am counting the minutes!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Easter Bunny Nest-created by the middle child:

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Me (talking to a pale looking kid): Are you OK?
Kid: Yes Ma'am.
Me: Did it hurt?
Kid: No, I'm fine.
Me: How did he get it out?
Kid: With pliers.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Post For Boy

The girl and her friend were digging through a box that I had with letters and stuff from when I first left home. They found several pictures in the box and these 2 were their favorites. This is Boy-not his real name. The girl named him Boy when she was about 2 and first met him (we also have a Big Boy-who is the other kid in the pic-and an Other Boy). We went to Indiana to visit the family and he came with Gramma and Grampa to pick us up from the airport. Boy is now a grown man (well, sorta). Every time I see him I still see the tiny little boy that told me he couldn't write me letters because he didn't know how to write. (He was so stinkin' cute it was ridiculous!) He left a week or so ago for his second time around in IRAQ. We love you Boy and pray for you every day. We are so proud of you! YOU ROCK!

These are our scary faces for you (in case you were wondering).

Monday, March 17, 2008

The Garden

I had a very busy day yesterday-first church, then to Houston, then ball practice for the kids, then rehearsal for the girl. I was home for about 10 minutes all day. When I did finally come home I found a spot of my yard tilled up and ready to plant! (Pictures below were taken without permission from Julia's Junket)

Every year I get an urge to plant things. I usually just go get some potted plants that die pretty quickly. I definitely DO NOT have a green thumb. I have tried planting gardens before, but now my husband refuses to dig anymore up for me. I do have to give him credit though-he's dug several for me over the years and I just can't manage to keep them alive. Sometime around July (OK maybe it's more like May) I just get really, really SICK of messin' with it. I feel a little different this year. I am CERTAIN I can make it work this time. Julia and I were talking about a garden for me on Friday-she said her husband would come and till me up a spot-and guess what-HE DID! It was such a sweet thing! I am so blessed to have these awesome friends! I came home and BEHOLD-there it was.

I spent the morning (after a trip to the dentist to get my kids abcessed tooth pulled-he hit his mouth a couple of weeks ago-more on that another time) hauling bricks around the house to border the garden. It looks lovely-when the kids get home, we'll plant. I think I'm gonna change this blogs name to "lucky girl" because I am sooooo a LUCKY GIRL!

Julia and Donnie-YOU ROCK! I can't wait to share my lettuce with you!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Sweetdaddy-I hit the JACKPOT today!

Life is good. Fridays are fabulous as it is, but today seemed to be the official start of HUNTING SEASON! The yard sale drought is over! Yippee! (I just jumped up about 4 feet in the air and clicked my heals together-really. Really. OK Fine not really) The weather was perfect and the company hilarious. We had so much stinkin' fun I am in pain from laughing-call me crazy, but there is something insanely funny about your junque sisters getting attacked by turkeys. I only wish I were skilled enough to put the incident into words that are as funny as the actual occurrence. Just imagine-2 women (one in high heels-uh huh), a couple of turkeys and a lot of screaming. Yes, it is funny. If only I could have gotten a picture...sigh...
But Sweetdaddy, I did hit the jackpot with my junque today. I found more eggs to lay around the yard-hours and hours of fun for the kiddos. (25 cents)I found each kiddo a useless ceramic figurine for their Easter baskets. (50 cents each)A great little table to use in our newly redecorated Sunday School room. ($2!!)Yards and yards of pretty lace ($1.25 for all of it!)Never watched "I Love Lucy" DVD-I really love Lucy! ($2)Awesome tooled leather wallet (50 cents)Tea cups and saucers for our Girl Scout Tea Party coming up soon. (25 cents)

Huge wicker trunk-I am pretty sure I can fit all 3 of my kids in here-I mean, if I ever needed to or anything. ($2 OMG!)

The black lacquer vintage photo album above is my favorite thing of the day and I didn't even really find it-Tamaria found it and gave it to me-Julia was not too pleased by this-(aside to Julia-I am sorry-she just likes me better than you-nah, nah, nah, nah, naaaaaaah) This awesome thing is in excellent condition-I was going to sell it, but now I think I'll keep it for a while. ($1 Can you believe that !?!)

These are just a few of the super faves I found today. I am a lucky girl!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Poor Soames

I have just finished watching the first set of The Forsyte Saga series. I really get lost in shows like this. I am soooo very thankful I am a woman born for THIS time. I did feel a little bit sorry for Soames though. He's not really such a bad fella-well, there was that one part at the end when he was fine with letting his wife die in childbirth and that part in the middle when he raped his other wife and also the part where he attacked his wife in the street, but none of us are perfect now are we? LOL Anyway-if you like historical fiction, romance, "period pieces" try this series. The first disc in the 2nd series should arrive tomorrow-I can hardly wait! I sure haven't been getting very much housework done lately~

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Absolutely Freaky GeoCache

It's ball season-ALL my kids are playing this year. The middle kid went from T-ball to machine pitch. I was really concerned because all he had was his T-ball glove. I didn't want him showing up to practice with the big kids and his T-ball glove-I figured he'd be humiliated over that so I ran to Wal-mart to get him a more 'manly' glove. It turns out that taking your T-ball glove to 'big boy' practice is not really a big deal. It seems I am the only mother that thought the T-ball glove at machine pitch practice would be embarrassing. Heck, most of the boys still had their T-ball bats!!! Sissies! *grin*

Anyway-that brings me to my Absolutely Freaky GeoCache. We had to go to Academy to finish outfitting the children with the rest of the ball paraphenalia that was needed so we GeoCached on the way. We didn't have much luck-only found 2 of the 8 we looked for (didn't download the hints-whoops), but we did find the best one so far. It's called 'Gotta Hand It To Ya'. (GeoCache planters are so creative).

This one was a fun find and even had some really good GeoCrap in it! (Look closely at the pics-it's a rubber hand!!)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Happy March!

Go Fly A Kite!