Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Horror

Julia and I are having our yard sale/crap boutique/shabby chic flea market this weekend. I love these sales and it's tons of fun, but the build up to them is horrifying! We have our shabby chic stuff displayed in the shop but, alas, there is no place to put the yard sale stuff until the tent goes up. I have diligently searched my house for things we no longer need and I must say I have been very thorough. Since Julia will not allow me to keep to all that stuff at her house I have to store it in the dining room. I say dining room but it is really my 'studio'-you know, we eat there at Christmas and the rest of the time it is my fabric storage room, sewing room, works in progress room etc. It is actually my most favorite room in the house-when it is in order of course. I thought I'd share some photos of what my husband so graciously puts up with several weeks out of the year. I hope you are not too terrified!

To end on a not so horrifying note: here is a picture of our sweet Sophie.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My Family and Friend

My precious friend Julia has been urging me for weeks now to start a blog. I have nothing to say and not much to show, but if you are interested in the regular life of a stay-at-home wife and mom then please-continue on.

This is my friend and I . This is actually as good as it gets. A special thanks to Julia's mother Tamaria for the photography on this one.

This is my husband-the most excellent husband there is-Lucky Me!

These are my kids. I have 3. Their Nana got them Heelies for Christmas and this was a practice run. This picture was not posed-this is an actual occurrence. Believe it or not, they are very athletic children.

This is my dog, Sophie. She likes to chase cats and farts so nasty it burns your nose. We love her dearly.
This is not my cat. My cat lives in fear of Sophie. His name is Fabio and he doesn't have any balls. Really. The cat pictured lives down the street, but really likes it at our house. The kids named her Acorn Little Puff. She has no claws and barely any teeth, but she's not skeered.