Thursday, April 8, 2010

Warrenton-Round Top Texas Antiques Week(s)

The Crib

The beginning-at this point it's still fun:

My betch is a very good cook:
Our fella went thru several wardrobe changes over the course of 12 days
So did the girly:

We have pretty stuff

We started with a small space but it could not contain our massive amount of really good junque so we expanded our enterprise:
I even got to wear some of my vintage dresses, you know, for ambiance. This is really not a flattering picture of me at all. I think Julia does that on purpose. I was wondering why she kept trying to pose me saying "Look down, puff out your cheeks, hunch over-it'll make you look younger and slimmer" Jeesh. Friends.
More pretties:

No one liked my orange cookie jar. I had to rescue it from being hidden under the table by the haters. One lady even had the audacity to call it a pumpkin. I still have this lovely thing if anyone is interested :)
Wardrobe change

We were there to sell and sell we did, but we did not neglect our shopping. This was the road/driveway to one of the sales we went to-LOVE IT!!!

Modesty should always prevail:

It was a fabulous run but I am always exhausted when antiques week (and really it's TWO weeks) is over.