Friday, August 29, 2008

Just Some Stuff

I didn't find a thing while I was out shopping this morning...sigh. Here's some photos for you anyway.
The kids found this bunny across the street.

I had a problem in the linen cabinet-these were out on the deck waiting to be washed. Sophie decided my tablecloths were comfy.

She looks like some kind of pitiful, homeless animal just scrounging to stay warm (it's only like 97 degrees).

Here she's helping DH at the computer.

These little beauties just popped up in the yard:

I almost had a fairy ring:

I hope they come back and finish it!

Friday, August 22, 2008

I have called a recess on my pity party and left the house today. I wasn't amazed at my finds, but I am glad I went. I found some 'happy' stuff.
These Jack-o-lanterns were exciting to find. This is the beginning of my collection of Jacks for the front porch for Halloween this year.

One of my most favorite scents is Sandalwood. How lucky am I to have found these little soaps? And guess what-2 of them are Sandalwood.

These old flash cards will be perfect for scrapbooking. I am about 2 years behind on my scrapbooks-it's sad. I'm hoping if I keep finding stuff to use in the scrapbooks, I'll get excited and get busy.

If I see vintage ribbon, I just have buy it. All this was stuck in a bag-some of it's actually old.

I also found a sweet little mirror-it's vintage.

This is the best-all these old Mexican MuuMuu's and the super-best find is the VINTAGE ROYAL HAWAIIAN dress-yay me-high five. (It's the blue and white one right in the front)

Now on a different note:

What is this and why is this? I was embarrassed at the sight of it. There were women driving the truck this was hangin' on. Is it a warning? Are they bragging? I really don't understand. It's not that I have a problem with testicles-however, some things are meant to be private and honestly, testicles are one of those things. It made me gag seein' this so I just had to share. It's a visual version of "Gross, this stinks! Here you smell it."

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Back to School

The summer flew by. I'm not ready for schedules, routine and early mornings-they aren't either. Since I am not capable of being a homeschool mom, we have to join the rest of the country for back to school.
He's in Kindergarten this year. What kid doesn't like Kindergarten? I know, I know-MINE!He's in 2nd grade. He'll dig it. He is most excited about being able to take his shoes off during class. I do have hillbilly kids.

The girl was mortified that I brought my camera to school and was actually taking pictures-OMG MOM!

That's her to the right behind the yellow piece of paper:

She does happen to like 5th grade-she gets her own locker:

Bright and early Saturday morning we'll be at Wal-mart buying locker decorations. She's getting into decorating-gasp-my heart's aflutter!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Weekend Finds

Heres my treasures from this weeks sales:

Pretty white slip

Pretty pink nightgown

Embroidered pillowcase

Awesome tatted valance

About 4 yards of this fabric
Black Japan kitty

Sweet swiss dot handmade dress from the 1940's

This is the lid to something. It is engraved glass and just pretty. I'll probably use it for the dog dish.

A whole pile of vintage patterns-most from the 1960's, but some are from the 50's and 70's.

I love this find-6 pairs of vintage stockings still in the package!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Home Alone

DH and the kids went north this morning to visit Nanny and Aunt Pam. I stayed home. I had the pleasure of working yet another Bohemian Picnic-the polka was pumpin'-I know you're jealous. Shenann and I got to sell Gator raffle tickets. I say 'got to' because it beats the heck out of working in the hamburger stand. (We have to work a certain amount of fund raisers for school) In case you're wondering-it's 1 for $25 or 5 for $100. People were forkin' over Ben Franklins like crazy! See our fun: Three hours in the sun and my only thought was-who let Granny out?After my shift, I came home, had a nap and then went to the movies with Julia. We saw Mama Mia. It was a really fun movie! I came home cranked up some ABBA and jumped on the bed *grin*That's what goes on around here when I'm left home alone.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fighting the End of Summer

School starts next week. I'm glad and then, not. There's still too much to do! DH has been on vacation and we decided to pull the camper out and head to the coast. This is not a happy camper:

A flat tire is no fun, especially on a 2 lane highway with big trucks whizzing by! Here's our home:It was extremely windy, but the kids fished anyway.

The most interesting catch was this striped thing:I think this is the dorkfish-see it's teeth:

Big sister-bait and tackle expert:The next day we went to the beach. We had to take a short ferry ride to get there:Can't say this is my favorite mode of transportation-glad the ride was short!The kids spent a lot of time catching clams:And playing in the tidepools:And just enjoying the beach:

And then some shopping:

We did a little geocaching and found the coolest one so far! It didn't have a 'cache', but it was an interesting find. Can you see it?

It was so tiny! The strip looked like a piece from the paper shredder! Here's another interesting find:Here's some yard art seen on the geocache tour-I think some people are still a little upset:The sticker on the hat says Enron Oil and Gas.

We made it back refreshed and joyful. Tonight we have football for the boys, dance team practice for the girl and a Girl Scout swim party. We have unpacked and are fixin' to repack for a short trip to Aunt Pam's. I told you-there is still way too much do for school to be starting!