Saturday, June 28, 2008

What We've Been Doing

Swim Team:

Being Goofy:


Hangin' out with friends:

Watching our Police Chief at work:
What a patient man! My friend locked her keys in the car-he was about 30 minutes trying to get it unlocked with kids crawling everywhere!

All-Star Ball:

Tryin' out new hairdo's:

I am really hoping my girl decides NOT to be a hairdresser!

Art Projects:
July will be full of even MORE fun! We still haven't been camping or to the beach yet!

Friday, June 27, 2008

It's Good-I Mean Marvy

Got out today with no children. I was desperate for this day-practically sold my soul to have it, but it was good.

Had some lunch
Had to try out one of Tammy's new toys:
Sat for a portrait:
Did some shopping:Got a new word:And found some of THE BEST stuff:
I've been looking for old mermaid things forever and finally found some-these look pretty crummy right now, but soon they will be very charming-75 cents!

Fancy polka panties-$5
No, I don't polka.

Mint Condition Vintage Beaded Purse-woohoo-only ONE dollar-sweetdaddy!

Assortment of actually useful items-$4
SweetDaddy #2! $5
Vintage knit outfit-$1
Precious friend who lets me steal her pictures-priceless

This picture of Sophie has nothing to do with my day at all, in fact I took it last week, but she is so stinkin' cute I just had to share.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Fruitful Friday

My friend has officially moved, but that's OK-I still have her MOM so I know she'll be back! We went to an estate sale this morning-see what I found:Lots of vintage ribbon and seam binding-$1
Frogs! Only $1 each!

I didn't buy this sign, but I just wonder how someone winds up with such a thing-I mean, I understand completely why it's in a yard sale, but who thought it would be a good thing to buy new? And for what purpose?

Awesome pintucked gauzy white shirt with no buttons-I love this-don't know why-only 50 cents! Here's a view of the beautiful collar:

This is a rockin' dress from the 1940's! It looks like it could be from the 80's, but it's not. It set me back a whole $1!

My favorite find of the day was 2 vintage brazieres! Yes, brazieres-not bras. These things deserve a much bigger word than just simply 'bra':These babies are industrial strength! There are 7 clasps on the back of each, with stays and padding everywhere. One of them is a bullet bra-you remember when the girls were supposed to be pointy? Well, I don't either, but I've seen pictures. I love things like this-I will display these on my mannequins for a while. They will remind me to be thankful that I am a woman of this generation! I am free from the oppression of pointy boobs!

Friday, June 13, 2008

On Her 10th Birthday, My Daughter Gives Me The Finger

My oldest child is 10. I remember when she was tiny and I'd be at the grocery store, pushing her in the basket, kicking and screaming up and down the aisles (she kicking and screaming-not me-just to be clear *grin*). I thought my life would forever be in that constant state of chaos . I could feel the sympathy in the looks from the 'old' ladies and usually one would speak to me only to say-"Enjoy this, honey, because it will be over before you know it." I would smile and nod and say in my head-"LIAR! This madness will NEVER end!" Well, they were right. That particular kind of madness is over. My girl is 10 and it went by in a flash.
For her birthday she wanted to take a friend to the nail salon, so we did:
They had great fun. My girl got a kick out of giving me the finger:

Creepy looking-I know.

The result:

I am hoping the next 10 years don't go by so fast!