Friday, July 25, 2008

Vacation Bible School Rocks

I usually dread working at VBS. Honestly, I don't really like other peoples kids all that much.* It's hard-the whining, the insolence, the questions, the non-stop chatter and noise. It wears on me. Children's Ministry is just not my thing. I often wonder how come there are kids at my house constantly-I only bore 3, but there are more than that here most days. Anyway, this year I was in charge of crafts. This was the most awesome VBS year ever! The children were polite, obedient, happy (well, most of them)-just wonderful little human beings. I was so happy to be there-miracles are real I'll tell ya! We went to Outrigger Island this week-hula skirts and lei's were everywhere. This is DeAnna-she helped this week-was there everyday-you go girl-thanks! I don't know who the little creepy kid is beside her-lol-yes I do-it's hers.I did have lots of help in crafts-DeAnna is the only one I got a picture of though. Thanks too to Cynthia and KayNan!

Tonight was the last hurrah and the church hosted a "luau"-we didn't roast pigs and eat poi, but we did have Hawaiian punch. The kids sang their songs and then played on water slides.There was even a volcano:Preacher-man is not afraid of his girly side-see his skirt:Waikiki Water Slides:It was an awesome week and the VBS team did an awesome job. I am really looking forward to next year!

*Let me clarify-I don't enjoy trying to make other people's kids behave, mind, follow the rules, listen, be polite, etc. It's just no fun, it's tiring. I LOVE polite, well-behaved, well-mannered, charming children-who doesn't? When a child responds to my directives with a yes ma'am and uses please/thank you-I am absolutely smitten. So I am NOT a child hater-I am a hater of trying to civilize unruly munchkins.

Dance Camp

Pre-show Excitement:
Busy, busy week with VBS and dance camp. The girl loved dance camp-I loved dance camp. No, I didn't dance, but I wanted to. I wish they had a dance camp for out-of-shape, pleasantly plump (*grin*) moms. The first dance was to "What is love"-remember those twitchy guys from Saturday Night Live that jerked their heads to the side and flapped their hands? That's the song. The dance instructor even had the hand flapping. Can you see it?
The boys were diggin' it too (not really):The big boys mom helped in some way with the camp. The instructor needed a boy for part of the dance so this poor kids mom made him do it. He was really not very excited about spending his afternoons with a bunch of little girls. He put up with it well.

The next dance was to Linkin Park Cure for the Itch. (It's the very last song on my music list-listen to it).

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

GeoCaching...Some More

GeoCaching is good, cheap fun (except for the $4/gal. gas in a Suburban). We try to get out every couple of months because there are so many caches and it's really like a treasure hunt.This is our first cache from Saturday. In the cache we found our first 'traveler'. You're supposed to take it and put it in another cache. It was a really cool coin and oh how the boys wanted to keep it! But we took it and moved it a little more north. This is what it looked like:
Our next one was a little trickier to find-this is why you should always bring children with you:
Just imagine me on my hands and knees trying to find it-OK-don't-but you see why children are really helpful in a situation like this!

From there we went to an old graveyard in search of another one. We never found the cache, but what an awesome place it was. This stone is for a soldier in the C.S.A. infantry!
Here's another C.S.A. Vet:
Here's Mary. She came to south Texas from Clinton, KY. I wonder how long it took to get from Kentucky to down here back in the day. I know how long it takes today-it ain't quick-especially with a load of kids. I'm gonna guess the journey is what did her in. She was just 31.
This is Captain John Campbell Hunt-A San Jacinto Veteran, Later a Captain in the Army of Texas Born in Alabama in 1811 died in 1840. He was only 29.
I could have spent hours here just looking and imagining, but we had to move on. We went to the forest where we walked about about a million miles. It was really hot. Really. I love the smell of piney woods on a hot, hot day.

Gratuitous cuteness:

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Everything's Beachy

Hey Boy, I Got UR Mama!

If you give me some money, lots of money, I'll send her back...or keep her, whatever.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fun With The Girls

10 year old girls love to play with make-up. My girl had a friend over today. They spent their own money on make-up at the dollar store this afternoon and I agreed to be their guinea pig.
This is not what I was expecting. I especially love my uni-brow. And the moles. They called this look "Helga Goth". For the girl-beauty school, no-photographer-maybe.

First that and then this:They didn't name this one, but I think I'll call it "Cat at the Morgue". They will be surprised to see what I do to them while they are sleeping tonight. Man, I hope I can stay up longer than they can.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th!

My kids go to Catholic School. That means I have to work fundraisers. I got SIX HOURS at the train ride today. I made the girl work the fish pond:

We had hours and hours of the Shiner Hobo Polka Band. Jealous?

The ring toss is always popular-they give away sodas. The most important thing I've learned in dealing with Catholic school is never, never, never work the ring toss or Asian ping pong-they are KILLERS!
It rained today. A Lot.
Some liked it:
Some didn't:
This is Mark. He LOVES to read my blog. Hi Mark! (waves)
He was really diggin' the smokehouse-couldn't help himself-had to look.

There he is with the woman that claims him-sometimes.
After the picnic, we went to the dinner and fireworks show our church puts on.
Me and Kimberly-there are WAY too many Kimberly's in this town.

It's just a big bummer when you have to eat something besides dessert.

Awesome end to an awesome day-Ahhh-Awesomeness!