Sunday, September 28, 2008

We Won, We Won, Oh My Gah, We Won!

QB and Safety from the this weeks Winning team.
I am pretty sure the coaches were as thrilled as, if not more than, the boys!

I Always Wanted To Get Paid To Be Here!

We live in an area that has a humongous Antique/Junque Show every six months. I don't think the whole thing has a name-it's lots of small shows all in the same area, pretty much all at the same time. Some call it Warrenton, some call it Round Top, some call it Marburger. Whatever you call it, it's FABULOUS! It's miles and miles of antiques, art, vintage everything and some actual junk thrown in. It lasts about 12 days. In other words, it's Heaven for the likes of me. My friends and I have gone out there every year, usually 3 or 4 days and it's just not enough. I always find myself saying "I wish I could get someone to pay me to be here!" Well guess what, Wally, it's happened! I'm hawking ads for the Show Daily and loving every minute of it! I'm loving the press pass, too. I can park just about anywhere AND some places'll even feed me lunch for free!
This place is full of the most interesting people and things.

Take Coffee Bug for instance:

It's a VW bug. It's a coffee shop. Here's the story:
For whatever reason, most of the vendors have a pretty quirky, off-the-wall sense of humor. It makes for a very pleasant day.
(Found in Rose of Texas field)

Bobby raised this rock from a pebble the sign reads.
(Found in the field in front of Renck Hall)

(Campbell Building)
Pretties are abundant as well:

(Cottage Gatherings-Campbell Building)

(Punkies-outside of Oldenburg-ish)

I've been at it really hard since Monday morning. I wasn't gonna go this weekend because I figured the kids would have a hissy fit about it. Surprise, surprise-they wanted to go! I took them to the La Bahia show because it just opened and I hadn't been there yet. I got a little work done and the kids had fun, too.

In my completely biased opinion, the above photo should be featured in the April edition of the magazine.

We all had a ball on the gigantic teeter-totters:

Once I was out of money for ice cream and snow cones, it was time to go home...

See you soon-like tomorrow.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm the Quarterbacks Mama

Yes, my darling boy is the QB. I'm dreaming of NFL days for him...I mean if he doesn't go ahead and be an astronaut and all. It's only his second year to play ever and he's already the QB. The sky's the limit baby (high five-giggle, giggle)!
Last Saturday was their first game. It was a massacre. We were not the victors. The other team had lots of boys. Really big boys. And fast, too.

This is them:

This is us:

I think the pads and helmets weigh more than these two combined.

This is mini. He's the QB's little brother. What he doesn't have in weight and speed he makes up for in persistence and personality. He even growled at the other team. He's scary.

Football Rocks! (Even when you get your butt kicked)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Today's Yard Sale Glory

Thursday night I was desperately trying to find someone to go shopping with me. Julia wasn't coming in and I just didn't feel like going it alone. I called Shenann: "Hey, don't go to work on Friday-come shopping instead." "No, I've already been gone too many days this week. I can't."
Drat. So I called Cynthia: "Hey, play hookey tomorrow and go shopping with me." "I can't. It's too busy-I have to go to work." Double Drat. Fine-I'll go by myself. At 7 Friday morning my phone was ringing. I get panicked when my phone rings early or late. I nervously picked up the phone: "Hello?" It was Cynthia. I won't go into details, but I will tell you she went shopping with me! Thank you, God for pink eye (*grin*)! [Note to Shenann-I think it might be wise for you to just go ahead and skip work the next time I ask, the affliction resulting from a 'no' might not be as easy as pink eye-I'm just sayin']

I found lots of goodies:

Prayer box necklace-somebody's gettin' this for Christmas-if you think it might be you, just move on:
Lovely Folk Artsy toothpick Christmas ornaments. Somebody's probably gettin' these too:

Super nifty, super old leather lacing craft kit-we'll be working on these this weekend. Again-somebody's gettin' a cool sum'n, sum'n for Christmas:

I'll use these old aluminum molds for soap (which somebody will be gettin' for Christmas):

I like buttons:

These are some decorations for that "American Legion Hall Chic" look I'll be going for come Christmas:

I'm gonna make an apron-yep, you got it-for somebody for Christmas:

And a Halloween one, too:

And I'm gonna wrap all these glorious treasures in the fabuloso Vintage Wrapping Paper I found. And label it with this Vinage Chalk


She's gonna be a (cough) GRANDMA and I am gonna gussy this up for the new baby.

These leather purses were a steal! If I can get the leather cleaned-guess what-yup-somebody's gettin' one for Christmas:

These next things are just fun stuff for me:

These are already gracing my kitchen table.

This is a load of fun stuff-just for kicks:

I found way more than this too! Yes, it as an amazing day. There's also 4 (count 'em, 4) vintage dresses I found that need a little love before they are ready for their blog debut.
There are some awesome sales Saturday morning, but my boys have their first football game. I'll tell you all about it when it's over! Wish us SKILL!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Visiting With My Refugee, Er, I Mean My Evacuee Friend

Hurricane prep and evac are in full swing around here. We'll be fine where we are, probably. Julia, my friend with the lovely house at the coast, spent most of the day yesterday and well into the night preparing the house and hauling valuables north. It has not been an easy couple of days for them. She and her husband stopped by to use the internet to check the storm predictions. I tried to give her an apple but she just growled at me (just kidding-she hissed LOL)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

I Couldn't Find My Kids The Other Day...

and here they were:Under the house:Building a garrison:
My mission for next week is to find small chickens, pigs and cows so the soldiers will have something to eat.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Good Junk This Weekend

I had pretty good luck with the shopping this weekend. The yard sales Friday were pretty crummy, but I did have a little luck at the usual thrift shop. Julia came back for a short visit and shopped, too. It was just like the good ol' days (sniffle). There was even a little excitement and a few expletives shouted. These shoppers at our shopping spot are crazy about their 'junque'. One lady walked off with something out of another lady's pile. The scene was ugly. Really ugly. Let's just say I heard the 'F' word more than once that morning-'nuff said.
I found this soft, old stadium blanket and it still has the original tags on it-nice.

I also found this super groovy polyester shirt-can you dig it? It's pink and green and makes you wanna grow a 'fro.I thought these pieces from a 1950's plastic Christmas village were kinda nifty:I also found an antique mink cape. I didn't put a picture up because I didn't want the PETA people throwing paint at my blog *giggle, giggle, snort*.

This morning my friend Shenann came along for a 30 mile trip in one direction to an estate sale. We ran into some really good sales and besides losing 20 bucks and running over a squirrel (accidentally, of course), it was lots of fun.

I found these lovely vintage rag rugs:

This oh-so-fine pink rose bedspread:Some fabric:These interesting skirt kit things:Piles of really old baby clothes:I am working on cleaning these up-hope it works.

Look at this pot-it rocks:

The day is over and the treasures have been cleaned and sorted. I will be listing many of these treasures plus others on Ebay or Etsy soon. We'll see if my hard days work pays off.