Saturday, August 20, 2011


We waited all summer for the boat to be fixed.  It does no good to be in a hurry if you want any work done in POC.  Finally, it's fixed enough to take it out.  I have adorable fishermen.  This one is the cut bait catching whiz.
 This one is very patient.
 She was way more into the fishing than I ever expected!
 I actually caught the first fish of the day.  Don't laugh-at least it wasn't a hard head.

 I love to watch jellyfish.
 Oh my! It must be a BIG one. 
 Fight sister, fight!
 She fought for it for about 15 minutes!  Too bad it wasn't a keeper.
The boys caught crab
 The thing about them catching stuff is that they expect you to eat it.  They worked for over an hour catching 3 crab and cooked it up themselves (with a little help from dad). 
When we got to Sunday Beach, this fella was there to greet us.  He was a vicious little thing and was not intimidated by us in the least.  Luckily he got tired of trying to eat us and went back to his hole.

Port Aransas, Round 1

The kids love the ferry-it makes me feel sick and dizzy.  I am glad its a short ride.
 In the belly of a SHARK!
 Sea Gulls?
 I love to see all the kites at the beach.  I finally remembered to bring my own.
 Hey.  Can I have my chair back?
There was a storm brewing so we had a little bit of wave action
 Back at the beach house.  Ok.  Fine.  It's not your typical 'beach house', but we have a 'house' at the 'beach'-its good enough for now :)

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Junque I Found Today

Finally, some junque to show off:
I have a thing for vintage suitcases.  I have about 20-a few are for sale.  These beauties even have their keys!

 I have no idea what this is.  I liked the colors.
 A charming little velvet wonder
 Finials are always useful
 Found this for a steal:

 You may be wondering "Why", but this is pretty nifty.  It's a vintage graduation robe and it's wool.  I've not seen one that isn't shiny nylon.
 It has a linen collar and beautiful pleats
 I don't know a thing about the The College of St. Catherine in St. Paul MN but they had spiffy grad robes.
 Coolest find today is this German army coat-it's newish but still Ah-maze-ing
 I love these clocks with the giant numbers-it even works
Great day for junque.  Round Top time is getting close and I'm starting to get butterflies!

Cotton is Cool

I can't believe I never noticed how much cotton is grown down here. It's every where! And it's beautiful-kinda like snow without the cold misery.

Miles and miles of white fields
We stopped for a closer look

The roads are 'littered' with white puffs after they gather it up. We drove behind this truck watching big chunks fall off-I am so easy to entertain it's ridiculous...

San Antonio

Being the negligent mother that I am, I have never taken my kids to the Alamo. Can you even believe?!! Since 4th graders learn a little Texas history, my middle kid insisted on going this summer. Here it is:

The Alamo was cool and all, but THIS was the best thing of the day. That little dark haired girl in the middle almost didn't make it!
San Antonio scenery

No trip to the River Walk would be complete without riding the glass elevator:

I think this hotel is haunted

We found CLACKERS at one of the shops. Those things hurt a little I hear.