Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Too Much Paula Dean and Project Runway, Possibly.

Monday the kids were off school. They couldn't go outside for too long because of the crummy weather so they were forced to play in the house. My daughter and her friend decided to cook some stuff up in the kitchen. It wasn't very tasty (and the boys decided they liked MY cooking afterall) but it looked pretty. They must have forgotten to add BUTTAH.
They did this all by themselves. Presentation gets 2 thumbs up.

After the cooking episode was over they moved on to fashion. Who knew a garbage bag could turn a little boy into Little Red Riding Hood? Notice the criss-cross straps and pleated bodice.
I do believe it may be possible that Paula Dean and Project Runway just MIGHT be on TV around here a little too much. Just Maybe.

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julia said...

I love love love it, I do think that you might be working on a whole new tv network over there.Those other shows have nothing on you guys. Keep it comeing I need something to smile about and this hit the spot.