Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Absolutely Freaky GeoCache

It's ball season-ALL my kids are playing this year. The middle kid went from T-ball to machine pitch. I was really concerned because all he had was his T-ball glove. I didn't want him showing up to practice with the big kids and his T-ball glove-I figured he'd be humiliated over that so I ran to Wal-mart to get him a more 'manly' glove. It turns out that taking your T-ball glove to 'big boy' practice is not really a big deal. It seems I am the only mother that thought the T-ball glove at machine pitch practice would be embarrassing. Heck, most of the boys still had their T-ball bats!!! Sissies! *grin*

Anyway-that brings me to my Absolutely Freaky GeoCache. We had to go to Academy to finish outfitting the children with the rest of the ball paraphenalia that was needed so we GeoCached on the way. We didn't have much luck-only found 2 of the 8 we looked for (didn't download the hints-whoops), but we did find the best one so far. It's called 'Gotta Hand It To Ya'. (GeoCache planters are so creative).

This one was a fun find and even had some really good GeoCrap in it! (Look closely at the pics-it's a rubber hand!!)

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