Saturday, September 6, 2008

Good Junk This Weekend

I had pretty good luck with the shopping this weekend. The yard sales Friday were pretty crummy, but I did have a little luck at the usual thrift shop. Julia came back for a short visit and shopped, too. It was just like the good ol' days (sniffle). There was even a little excitement and a few expletives shouted. These shoppers at our shopping spot are crazy about their 'junque'. One lady walked off with something out of another lady's pile. The scene was ugly. Really ugly. Let's just say I heard the 'F' word more than once that morning-'nuff said.
I found this soft, old stadium blanket and it still has the original tags on it-nice.

I also found this super groovy polyester shirt-can you dig it? It's pink and green and makes you wanna grow a 'fro.I thought these pieces from a 1950's plastic Christmas village were kinda nifty:I also found an antique mink cape. I didn't put a picture up because I didn't want the PETA people throwing paint at my blog *giggle, giggle, snort*.

This morning my friend Shenann came along for a 30 mile trip in one direction to an estate sale. We ran into some really good sales and besides losing 20 bucks and running over a squirrel (accidentally, of course), it was lots of fun.

I found these lovely vintage rag rugs:

This oh-so-fine pink rose bedspread:Some fabric:These interesting skirt kit things:Piles of really old baby clothes:I am working on cleaning these up-hope it works.

Look at this pot-it rocks:

The day is over and the treasures have been cleaned and sorted. I will be listing many of these treasures plus others on Ebay or Etsy soon. We'll see if my hard days work pays off.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kim
Awsome finds, lucky you. We got Calum moved today thats why I didnt get to blog yet. Any way it sounds like you had a great week end.
Love Lots Julia