Sunday, December 14, 2008

99th Post

Only one more post and that makes a hundred. I never thought I'd have that much to say. I'm not particularly wordy. It's been fun. People do 'special' things for their 100th post. I ain't got nuttin'. Give me some ideas please.

I had a fun, busy weekend-can't wait til Monday to rest.

Friday was shopping. Julia came in. She can make me laugh in a second. My guts hurt she makes me laugh so much. Put her and her mother together, I'm through.There were just too many queens in the room. Sorry ladies: my pic, my blog, I get to be the pretty one.
Saturday was a school fundraiser. The kids do a show and then parents/grandparents are robbed blind via auctions, raffles, and games.

The biggest hit is Asian Ping Pong. Kids chuck ping pong balls in little bowls and win fish. We wind up with lots of fish that are usually dead by morning. This year my kids managed to get 10 fish (they were a steal at about 5 bucks each!). So far, so good-they are all still alive. We spent the day cleaning out the big fish tank-hopefully some will survive another night and make it to the big tank tomorrow.

For all the cash these fish cost we should at least be able to eat them.


Anonymous said...

your too funny!!

holly said...

hey dont you think you should update your blog for all your loyal readers you know that is 2009 dont you christmas is over and we need pictures okay maybe not everyone but i sure do

Kim said...

Well, I've been busy. Check back next week.