Thursday, July 16, 2009

All The Whos Down in Whoville...

Were missing their socks:

The situation:
Girls 9/10 Year-old All-Star Softball
The girls are supposed to have super cool socks(so they think). They had some with stars on them picked out.

The problem: supplier only had 9 pairs, we needed 11. The poor coach went through option after option trying to choose a suitable alternative, but alas, there was an issue with every other option except-can you believe?-the red and white stripes. The 'store' (a.k.a.: villians that robbed Whoville) had PLENTY of those-go figure. The fun we had teasing the girl about her socks-ah, good times.
Believe it or not the very first team we played in the tournament had even goofy-er socks than ours!

Maroon barber pole stripes-oh the horror! Our team won-the socks pulled us through.

The girls played well, but were eliminated in the second round. They fought hard though and I can hardly wait to see these girls in action next year.
I'm not partial or anything, but the 1st basegirl was fantastic!
Ball is over for us until the spring. What shall we do with the rest of the summer?

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