Monday, September 7, 2009

Hi Swap-bot Blog Swappers!

Hi Guys! Thanks for stopping by~
Take a look around and see what grabs ya! Can't wait to get a new comment or two-WooHoo!


Lori said...

Hi, Great blog you have here. I look forward to following it. My swap-bot name is marcsgrl.

tickledpinktwyce said...

Love the blog and the doggy party. I just moved from San Antonio about 1 year ago. I don't miss the heat, but I swapped it for humidity. Not sure what is worse...adding you to my blogroll.

Krista said...

Great blog! I look forward to reading more of your family's adventures. I love the doggy party, but I want to see your orange cat :)

kristakz from swap-bot

Michele said...

I love what you did the first day of school! My kind of gal! I'm Michele360 on swap-bot.

Pattie said...

thank you for stopping by my blog :)
Yours is really cute!