Monday, November 2, 2009

Take a Walk With Me This Morning

This is my joy in the morning-see her-thinks we're mountain climbing or something:

I think the theme of the morning was 'crooked'-for some reason everything turned out crooked.
Probably my frame of mind. I hate fall and winter. I'd rather it be 100 degrees! This time of year is depressing to me :( Thought if I brought my camera I'd see things a little differently.

Some downtown sidewalk shots

I love old bricks and wood-but see, dang it, it's crooked!

Obviously crooked-but beautiful anyway

Love some moss-the color, the texture-should have smelled it too:

Who doesn't love old bricks and plaster?
Zinnias rock:
Pretty old house someone has been working hard on-but see it's CROOKED:
Love me some cemetery fences:

Goats would not co-operate for some face shots:

Grass was dewy:
Again with the crooked:

I just love the roof lines of these buildings:
After seeing these pictures I guess the message to myself is: Straighten up Sister! It will be summer again!


julia said...

If I didnt know better... I would think I missed What I miss most is you!

The Ischy's said...

oh, i love this time of year!

I LOVE YOU said...
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