Sunday, November 21, 2010

Texas Renaissance Fair

I have wanted to go to this Ren fair forever! Finally made it and it was definitely an experience.
Here we go-let's follow the pilgrims:

I wonder how much he gets paid for this:
Fairy bells:
He really wasn't scarey:
Oh-Lupe's got a boyfriend!
'Baby' dragon-very elaborate costume. The eyes were pretty creepy though.
The kids needed sword fighting lessons:

How come she got a magic wand?!!
Fairy Godfather:
Isn't he pretty?
Turkey legs!
Call me crazy, but I'm pretty sure this guys costume is NOT authentic:
We looked a long time for this place:
Sadly, no one's hand made it home.
I love the fairies. "It's not nice to tip cows". That was the fairy wisdom of the day.
They should have OWNED this:
The family that gets dressed up together...
She sprouted a tail:
Rickshaw ride to the parking lot was the BEST! (except the rickshaw puller was a little stinky)
Great time! Can't wait to go back next year! I'm thinking I may just wear that chainmail bikini I saw so unmasterfully modeled throughout the venue-LOL

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julia said...

Looks like ya'll really had a great time. I want to go next year with ya'll. You make it look fun. I love the picture of the fairy bells