Sunday, January 16, 2011

Catching Up With Myself

I don't pay attention to the things around me when I don't blog. I don't take my camera with me and I don't look for excuses to see something new. I pop in and out of bloginess and find that I am more interesting to myself when I have my blog mojo on. So here's to a new year of entertaining myself!
All this New Year's fun and no one lost a finger:
This is hilariously labeled:
Just us (minus me) getting ready to eat Christmas dinner:
The girl did my make-up:
Our Christmas tree:
This is the only kind of snow you'll usually see in my part of Texas in December:

Air Soft birthday party:

Sophie decided that across the street was not a place for her. She didn't even wanna look:
Velcro Wall:
How do you get one of these if you are NOT a Navy Seal? Hmmmm...You'll just have to ask the Army Ranger that has it:
At the shop:
My pretty girl:

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