Monday, January 24, 2011

Wine, Art and Music in the 'Burg

Hello! I love our little shop downtown, we always have interesting visitors:
The Chamber hosted a festival downtown this weekend. It featured Texas artists, wines and musicians. We had sweet Caitlin as the artist in our shop. Her work has the most beautiful combination of textures and colors. Here's a sample:

This is the artist and her husband-he is an artist as well:
This band was playing across the street:
The shop is not usually open at night, but it looks fantastic:
This was the winery featured in the shop:
Lots of people turned up for this.

The event lasted 5 hours. The shop is small and there were times that there was absolutely no place to be in there-it was amazing!

I cannot wait to do this again!

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julia said...

looks it ya'll had ball!! wish I could have been. See ya tomorrow.