Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Round Top Texas Antiques Week(s) @ Old Depot

I am lucky to live in Texas-even luckier to live in a part of Texas that hosts a gigantic 'antiques' sale twice a year. My friend Julia and I have hunted there for years. We have been hauling our treasures to sell there for 5 shows-the last 3 in a row at Old Depot in Round Top. We've found our home. We set up several days earlier than usual this time and it was incredible. It starts like this:
Then expands: Until it winds up looking something like this:

We redecorated almost daily. I think we may have annoyed our neighbors just a little :)

We were out there for 13 days. Yes. 13 days. Nobody even got cranky till day 12.

I LOVE hunting the junk and selling the junk, but the absolute best part of being out there is the people! You just never know who is going to turn up as your neighbor or in your booth. You never know what kind of amazing person you are going to meet or what incredible story you are going to hear. I used to wonder how God could ever use my love of junk for His glory, but he does! Every day He showed me something. Every day He used me. It. Was. Wonderful!

There are a few weirdos out the re though:

This is the weirdo alert face:

This is Grady Lee. He has been our neighbor for the last 2 shows. There is never a dull moment with that fella. He tells us-he has 2 tatoos-the letter M-one on each butt cheek...
He is also a musician. He and another vendor (the stump man) gave us a couple of concerts after the treasure hunters had gone home. I was just in awe of the talented people I found myself surrounded by.
"I was drunk, the day my mom, got outta prinson..."
There was nothing better than going back to the camper after a hard days work. Here is Julia-warming up some water for her bath. Bwahahahhaa not really.
And here she is gussying up the place:
I love this place. We sold a lot and had a incredible time. I am blessed.

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julia said...

Yes!! We are blessed, blessed to have each other to share all this with. I'm getting ready for Oct.