Saturday, August 20, 2011


We waited all summer for the boat to be fixed.  It does no good to be in a hurry if you want any work done in POC.  Finally, it's fixed enough to take it out.  I have adorable fishermen.  This one is the cut bait catching whiz.
 This one is very patient.
 She was way more into the fishing than I ever expected!
 I actually caught the first fish of the day.  Don't laugh-at least it wasn't a hard head.

 I love to watch jellyfish.
 Oh my! It must be a BIG one. 
 Fight sister, fight!
 She fought for it for about 15 minutes!  Too bad it wasn't a keeper.
The boys caught crab
 The thing about them catching stuff is that they expect you to eat it.  They worked for over an hour catching 3 crab and cooked it up themselves (with a little help from dad). 
When we got to Sunday Beach, this fella was there to greet us.  He was a vicious little thing and was not intimidated by us in the least.  Luckily he got tired of trying to eat us and went back to his hole.

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