Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The End

After 18 days the show is over and I am almost settled into business as usual at home.  I love the 'junque' but the best part of being at antiques week(s) is the people. 
This is Grady Lee.  He is one of my favorites.  He sells primitives and keeps us entertained with his stories and his music.
 Here is a link I found to him on youtube: 

This is Tom and his friend Rie.  They are from Georgia.  They have a dog named Little Buddy that liked to look at us on our back porch from the window.   Tom claims he is the great great grandson of Buffalo Bill or Wild Bill or some kinda Bill.  You need some moonshine? He'll hook you up...He also taught us that hanging out with crack ho's will get you into big trouble. Imagine that.
 There are several characters out there: Sue from England-she likes getting 'pissed';  Bernie from South Africa who joined us for 'fags'; Sharon (from Texas) who is the glitter queen and creates the most beautiful things; Danny, a retired principal, drives us all crazy ringing his big bell, and, and, and...Maybe next time I will remember to get a picture of them ALL.

Can you guess which one is our happy home away from home?  Julia's husband asked if it 'popped up'!  Nope.  It doesn't. 
 The camper is about the same size as a Suburban.  If only it had a toilet...
Till next time you motley crew of antiques peddlers...


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