Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Attic

Our house is about 120 years old. We have the coolest attic ever. My husband has been working up there and we are hoping to have it all together by this time next year. I am so excited just at the thought of having my own space up there-craft room, sewing room, studio whatever-it will be mine, mine, mine,mine, mine! I will paint my little corner of the attic pink and white and no one will enter without first knocking on the curtain. It will always be neat and organized and I will be inspired just by walking near the entrance. It will be so infused with estrogen, men will not dare come near. Ahhh, to dream. This is my corner-it's bigger than it looks.

The kids want to put a stage in this space.We have a tower-this will be left open to look up in to. The old wood and nails are very cool.
This will be the guest room.

Awesome space to dream in.

Sophie sends her love.

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julia said...

OMG Kim this is a dream come true. The attic looks huge with little E standing there. I can see it now…you have a TV with HGTV playing and we are sitting in over stuff pink chairs sewing or cutting out paper roses while sipping on flavored coffee. You must have a secret hand shake or code before entering the creative studio. What fun!!!!