Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Cake and the Great. Big. Bummer.

My Mother has achieved the ultimate in cake decorating. She was very proud of herself so I thought I'd share. It's round. It even tasted good.

At Disney Nana bought the kids a little, teeny, tiny, so cute digital camera. They were having so much fun taking pictures and I could hardly wait to get home and see things from their perspectives. But alas, the damn Disney camera's delete button is not tucked away. It is placed brazenly on the back with no "safety". All of their photos were erased when the camera got packed away in the suitcase. Great. Big. Bummer.


julia said...

good morning Kim, That cake looks yummy. It really looks pretty on you lace coverd table and your rose curtins in the back ground. How disapointing about the pictures. I guess you just have to go back to Disney next year.NOT!

Kim said...

I still have some cake left if you'd like some! The kids will just have to DRAW for me their impressions of Disney. We won't be going back till the GRANDKIDS are big enough to go LOL