Friday, December 28, 2007

We're Back-Thank God!

Well, we are back. The kids had a ball, but going to Disney World is pretty close to a trip to hell. Really. Not that I have actually been to hell(ok maybe once at my mother-in-laws) but my imaginings of hell are darn close to Disney. The weather was perfect and the company was great, however: it doesn't matter how fair the weather is or how easy the company is when you spend hour after hour after hour standing in line, waiting for buses, getting run over by strollers and getting cut in front of and pushed out of the way. I have been to Disney World before, but don't ever remember it being so crowded. I will probably never go there again. I tried to keep a cheery attitude but it was hard. The kids did have fun so it wasn't a total loss. Enjoy some of our photos:

The airport scene-Houston HobbyMagic Kingdom-can you feel the joy?The Dinosaur Ride-the kid in the back row hiding his face is one of mine the one in the middle row huddled up to the lady next to him is another one of mine. This picture is from about the 4th time we rode this thing!

Nessie Attacks!

Every day we'd wind up with rolls of stickers-the game was to tag someone with the stickers without them noticing-Papa is not very observant.

Well, isn't yours?

Can you believe this?

A couple of my kids got cameras and took lots of pics at Disney. I will be posting any of those that turned out soon.

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julia said...

Hi Kim, I bet you had a magical time at Disney; the photo of your family in the airport reminds me of the Home Alone movie. Did that movie ever cross you mind when you where trying to board the plain?