Saturday, January 5, 2008

$2 Worth of Fun

I LOVE old paper things like magazines, post cards, pictures, diaries, books, etc. Things like that just get my imagination going. I love the graphics and the words and the feel of the paper. We don't use words now the way they used to back in the day. Something about the choice of words in those old things seems more careful, more thoughtful. I found several old magazines at the flea market this morning and squealed with joy. Luckily the vender didn't hear me or I'm sure she would have gone up on her prices. The magazines were $1 each! I found a 1939 Cosmopolitan and a 1935 Ladies Home Companion. I spent a good hour just flipping through the pages looking at the ads. I learned a thing or two.
1. Swooning is one sure way to a man's heart.
2. You CAN get a snazzy ride for under a grand.3. Nice girls aren't stinky.
4. Men adore the delicate, flower-like fragrance that surrounds a girl after a bath with Cashmere Bouquet Soap! Whatever happened to Cashmere Bouquet Soap?5. You'll never get a man to marry you if you have bad breath.6. If you are the lucky girl that manages to snag a husband and he starts neglecting you-it's because you stink.
7. Laundry makes you ugly. 8. I've heard the expression "he/she doesn't know shit from shinola". I am so pleased to finally know what shinola is!!!!!!!!!!!

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julia said...

WOW, you lucky girl!!! Was there any left or did you snach them all?
Did you find any goodies for you Sweet heart box?
We're finly home from the coast. I cant wait to go back.
Are we on for coffee in the morning?