Thursday, January 17, 2008

Glitter Junkies

My friend and I have joined a Valentine Sweetheart Box Swap (it's on my blog somewhere if you look around) and have been having so much fun. One craft leads to another and days later we are still covered in glitter-woohoo. This time the mess was made at my house. We were at it all day! I am still picking glue off my fingers and seed beads out of my hair (how they got there I don't know-really.)

While rummaging around in her husbands shop one afternoon, Julia found a ton of little sample tiles of counter tops or something. She decided they'd make excellent tags so that's what we did.

That one's my favorite.

This is AFTER we cleaned up!

When the kids got home from school they wanted in on the action too-the glue was squirting and the glitter was flying. They were all getting a little loopy from the fumes of the Sharpie markers, but oh what fun they had!

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julia said...

Good Morning Kim
What fun I had yesterday. The cards seem to look better in person. just as I'm sure I look better in person than I do in pictures.