Saturday, January 12, 2008

Another Friday!

Friday was good-Thursday not so much. I was sitting at the computer listing things on Ebay like a madwoman when the phone rang. It was the school secretary telling me I need to come get my youngest son because he just threw up all over the place at Mass! There was a funeral directly following Mass and the Priest and the teacher were trying to quickly get it cleaned up. Can you just picture it?! I have had at least one kid sick everyday for a week! I does appear to be over-knock on wood. Luckily my DH is home this week so I was able to do my Friday shopping. I found some really good stuff! The well children got out of school at noon on Friday so I did have to cut the day a little short. My favorite find was a big pink fluffy robe and 3 pairs of vintage earbobs. My ears will sparkle while I am schluffin' around in my big pink housecoat~grin~. I also found some old wrapping paper and a ton of seed beads-yay me.

When the day was done at home I went to Julia's to work on our sweetheart boxes. We made a huge mess but our boxes are turning out pretty good. Just a few details and they will be ready to mail. I don't want to give too many hints about it in case my swap partner is looking, but I will say it is feathery and colorful.


julia said...

Thanks again for comming over to play. I know what your going though, with three childern it seems someone is always sick. As long as you stay well.... everything will be just fine.
I'm looking forward to friday.

LOL Julia

catieann said...

hi kim
i am just trying to visit every one who visited my blog and signed up for the giveaway!! how fun to know it is really you!! the drawing is tomorrow and I am working on your HEART> what fun!