Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Auf Wiedersehen Pink Razor

It has happened. The thing at the top of my totally gross list has occurred. I have heard stories of it happening to other people and it sickened me to hear about it-now I am a victim.
I was sitting at the kitchen table last night talking with a friend. My youngest son comes into the kitchen with a sad face, wet shirt and DRIPPING WET phone. (Can you guess where I am going with this?) He handed me the dripping wet phone and said "I'm sorry Mama, I dropped your phone in the TOILET!" Oh. My. It's really not that he dropped the phone in the toilet, I would have been fine with flushing it down or waiting till my husband got home to get it out. The big icky deal is that HE STUCK HIS LITTLE HAND IN THERE TO GET IT OUT-HE THEN HANDED IT TO ME WITH NO WARNING WHATSOEVER AS TO WHERE IT HAD BEEN!!!!! It seems my children do not share with me the phobia of toilets and such. I immediately felt myself start to gag. My friend knowing my hang ups with toilets quickly snatched it away from me and began taking it apart and trying to dry it out-with her BARE HANDS. OMG! She took it apart on my KITCHEN TABLE! I don't know what she was thinking-like I would ever put that thing near my face again. I have called AT&T and a replacement is on its way. The phone has been bagged up to send back and the kid as well as the kitchen table has been disinfected!
Auf Wiedersehen Pink Razor, it's been a good run. Silver is on her way-let's hope this event is NEVER repeated!

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