Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Range and the '50's

For Christmas Santa brought the kids their own rifle. We took them to the gun range Saturday for a little practice. Only the boys went, the girl was playing with a friend-she doesn't know about the fun she missed!

The kids were excited about '50's night at church all week long. The boys were easy to dress, but I thought I would make a poodle skirt for the girl. She first had to look at 1950's fashions and decide for herself. She fell in love with the "wiggle" dresses, but being the mean mother that I am I said most certainly, NO! One needs boobs for those dresses. Boobs and a "wiggle" dress are just not appropriate for a 9 y/o. She decided a poodle skirt would be fine.Sophie didn't get to go to the party, she's just a ham! I think she may have been a little jealous of the poodle on her girl.

He really had a good time!

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julia said...

I love it!! Love it Love it!!
That Boy looks like he came right out of the book See Dick and Jane dance. Arent kids fun { when we can play with them } See ya in the morning, cant wait.

Love Julia