Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Post For Boy

The girl and her friend were digging through a box that I had with letters and stuff from when I first left home. They found several pictures in the box and these 2 were their favorites. This is Boy-not his real name. The girl named him Boy when she was about 2 and first met him (we also have a Big Boy-who is the other kid in the pic-and an Other Boy). We went to Indiana to visit the family and he came with Gramma and Grampa to pick us up from the airport. Boy is now a grown man (well, sorta). Every time I see him I still see the tiny little boy that told me he couldn't write me letters because he didn't know how to write. (He was so stinkin' cute it was ridiculous!) He left a week or so ago for his second time around in IRAQ. We love you Boy and pray for you every day. We are so proud of you! YOU ROCK!

These are our scary faces for you (in case you were wondering).


holly said...

Your right he does rock. He's so cute to bad he had to grow up

Matthew said...

where's my pic? you named me but no pic.

Kim said...

Sorry-I haven't found the one of you I've been looking for-it's got you with missing teeth, 2 black eyes and a cigarette hanging out of your mouth-I think you were about 5 years old-as soon as I find that pic I'll put it on there! LOL
I did feature you in my flickr photos though, check that out.