Monday, March 17, 2008

The Garden

I had a very busy day yesterday-first church, then to Houston, then ball practice for the kids, then rehearsal for the girl. I was home for about 10 minutes all day. When I did finally come home I found a spot of my yard tilled up and ready to plant! (Pictures below were taken without permission from Julia's Junket)

Every year I get an urge to plant things. I usually just go get some potted plants that die pretty quickly. I definitely DO NOT have a green thumb. I have tried planting gardens before, but now my husband refuses to dig anymore up for me. I do have to give him credit though-he's dug several for me over the years and I just can't manage to keep them alive. Sometime around July (OK maybe it's more like May) I just get really, really SICK of messin' with it. I feel a little different this year. I am CERTAIN I can make it work this time. Julia and I were talking about a garden for me on Friday-she said her husband would come and till me up a spot-and guess what-HE DID! It was such a sweet thing! I am so blessed to have these awesome friends! I came home and BEHOLD-there it was.

I spent the morning (after a trip to the dentist to get my kids abcessed tooth pulled-he hit his mouth a couple of weeks ago-more on that another time) hauling bricks around the house to border the garden. It looks lovely-when the kids get home, we'll plant. I think I'm gonna change this blogs name to "lucky girl" because I am sooooo a LUCKY GIRL!

Julia and Donnie-YOU ROCK! I can't wait to share my lettuce with you!

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holly said...

I really hope you grow something wonderful dont forget to water and weed and fertilize it cow poop works the best