Friday, March 14, 2008

Sweetdaddy-I hit the JACKPOT today!

Life is good. Fridays are fabulous as it is, but today seemed to be the official start of HUNTING SEASON! The yard sale drought is over! Yippee! (I just jumped up about 4 feet in the air and clicked my heals together-really. Really. OK Fine not really) The weather was perfect and the company hilarious. We had so much stinkin' fun I am in pain from laughing-call me crazy, but there is something insanely funny about your junque sisters getting attacked by turkeys. I only wish I were skilled enough to put the incident into words that are as funny as the actual occurrence. Just imagine-2 women (one in high heels-uh huh), a couple of turkeys and a lot of screaming. Yes, it is funny. If only I could have gotten a picture...sigh...
But Sweetdaddy, I did hit the jackpot with my junque today. I found more eggs to lay around the yard-hours and hours of fun for the kiddos. (25 cents)I found each kiddo a useless ceramic figurine for their Easter baskets. (50 cents each)A great little table to use in our newly redecorated Sunday School room. ($2!!)Yards and yards of pretty lace ($1.25 for all of it!)Never watched "I Love Lucy" DVD-I really love Lucy! ($2)Awesome tooled leather wallet (50 cents)Tea cups and saucers for our Girl Scout Tea Party coming up soon. (25 cents)

Huge wicker trunk-I am pretty sure I can fit all 3 of my kids in here-I mean, if I ever needed to or anything. ($2 OMG!)

The black lacquer vintage photo album above is my favorite thing of the day and I didn't even really find it-Tamaria found it and gave it to me-Julia was not too pleased by this-(aside to Julia-I am sorry-she just likes me better than you-nah, nah, nah, nah, naaaaaaah) This awesome thing is in excellent condition-I was going to sell it, but now I think I'll keep it for a while. ($1 Can you believe that !?!)

These are just a few of the super faves I found today. I am a lucky girl!

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Anonymous said...

O Kim, I love this post!! We did have a great day. And You just go on beliven that "She" likes you better, if it makes you feel better about you stillen form me. heheheheheheheheeheeheh

An O about the turkey thing I was just pertecting you form the killer farm animals. Thats what big sisters do for ya.
Love ya Julia