Friday, March 28, 2008


The Junque Season has finally started! Today was our first trip of the season to the spring antique show in Warrenton. I am telling you, this place is Heaven. It's miles and miles of yard sales, antiques, and junque! This show happens twice a year (April and October) and it is an absolute MUST. In 2002, I was in LABOR with kid #3, but there was NO WAY I was missin' any time out there. (Aw, those were good times...) Anyway, the day started with the usual Friday routine-Tammy was really looking for some attention today so she bought and wore the ugliest freakin' earrings ever made. See for yourself:Next we stopped to visit our friend the "shirt-guy" and took a picture with his big chicken

Cynthia, Me, Tammy, Julia.

Tammy just had to "ride the white pony":The Shirt Guy had this lovely display for our viewing pleasure:I mean-who doesn't love a bowl of babies.

From there we pulled into Warrenton Proper. Whoa Nelly, there was some yippee-in' and some yahoo-in' going on!

We drove on through Warrenton to the other side of Round Top-nearly to Carmine. Found some pretty interesting stuff there:
Thank God there's only one!I don't know about this. I can't really see that it's good advertising for anything except maybe a glue factory.
This is the lunch line. $3 for a BBQ sandwich, chips and drink-what a deal!Thought REAL hard about this one, but sadly decided against it...HAHAHAHAHAHAI am really hoping my neighbors don't see this and become inspired! (See my flikr photos-set called OMG Crap in my neighbors yard and other unnecessary ugliness to see why the fear is real am really not one who digs yard art, but I have been wanting one of these things forever!
This must be the original Brokeback Mountain cowboy-he's sure got some sugar on 'im! I think he's saying real breathy-drop 'em, cowboy. Anyway-had a lot fun with that.
I'm sorry to say-we drove Cynthia to drinkin'.

Apparently, cigarettes back in the day contained more than just your average tobacco. This little honey looks likes she's been strung out on heroine for a while. Headed home about 5 o'clock to dream about our own shabby chic palaces...

We are going back Wednesday-I am counting the minutes!


Anonymous said...

OH Kim
This is a wonderful post!! I can’t wait for Wednesday.
You tolled the story of our adventure so well, makes me want to do all over again, again and again.
Love julia

Anonymous said...

Hey I want to go can you wait for me it'll only take me until Thursday to get there after all I am coming from Indiana