Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Warrenton, Day 2

Julia, Tamaria and I went back to Warrenton today. Enjoy some of my pictures:

Your lunch should always include a little bottle of vodka!Some of those vendors have such a sense of humor!Why?

Something fishy was in the air this year. It started with the freaky babies we kept seeing everywhere-here's one:

We saw the freaky babies then started to notice what could only be described as warnings to the freaky babies. Example #1:
Example #2There was something going on that we just weren't savvy to-there were too many freaky doll situations for it to be a simple coincidence.This is the first time I've seen this warning. I bet my DH would have bought that had he been invited to come along!This set would have looked awesome in my kitchen and I was really considering buying it, but seein' as how I didn't bring along $175 I just left it there.

This is what my beach house is gonna look like:

We found a booth that could have been ours so we had to stop for a pic:

Tammy bought me this little gem:Here are a few of the things I have picked up the last few days:I needed a new girl, my old one's getting a little wonky. The bucket is going to be a trash can in DH's bathroom. I LOVE this vintage blender-goes in my kitchen perfectly and it even WORKS!This is just the front and back cover of an old photo album. I will add my own paper and ribbon and this will be fabulous!Being involved in an antique show is hard, tiring work. Isn't she a lucky lady to have a friend to decorate her while she's sleeping? I am certain that I too have the sort of kind, considerate, compassionate friends that would decorate me as I slept-keeping me from being an ugly, slobbery, lump. I mean, what is the purpose of a friend if it's not to make you MORE? Life is good.

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