Friday, May 23, 2008

Ball Is Almost Over

May is busier than Christmas-time around here and I love every minute of it! One of our big spring activities is T-ball/Baseball/Softball. I've got one kid in each. Luckily our town is small so I can have kids at various places without too many problems. This is the last week of ball unless... someone makes an all-star team.

The T-ball coach ended up here from Kansas so of course the team name had to be the Royals.

The 7/8 year old boys are the RockHounds-perfect name for little boys, especially mine. He's got a rock collection that would make a geologist drool.

I am so excited about the girls uniform this year-It is HOT PINK and we found some cleats with pink on them, 0h my heart's aflutter. Anyway-they look so good on the field-kinda like bright Easter eggs. The coaches didn't wear pink, they opted for black...sissies.

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Anonymous said...

aaaahwsome pictures!!!!!
I miss you and the kids already.

Love Julia