Saturday, May 24, 2008


Last Sunday was our end of the year Girl Scout Banquet. It was fancy this year, we had a speaker-Docia Williams. She is an author (writes about haunted places) and volunteers a lot with injured soldiers in San Antonio.

The girls got their awards. It was a fancy occasion-just not fancy enough for my hillbilly child to put shoes on. I think the president has to be coming to dinner for shoes to be worn and there'd still be no guarantee. Shoes are never a must when you've got hillbilly in your family tree. Anyway-the other leader planned everything and did a fabulous job-Thank You! (That's her in the pic).

As we were winding things up, I glanced out the window and caught sight of something moving that was very colorful. And creepy. I have watched lots of scary movies in my lifetime and several of them flashed through my mind as I watched this pied piper of a creepy clown walking on the lawn of the church surrounded by the children. My heart started racing and I started looking around for my handgun...not really-I calmed down pretty quickly when the scene sunk in. Clowns are just creepy-especially when you are not expecting to see one and it just shows up like that. Have I used the word 'creepy' enough times? It was creepy. She had been staying at the RV park and heard we were having a Girl Scout thing and walked over. I guess some people actually like clowns and she thought she was being nice. I am sure she is a very interesting lady outside of the clown suit.

After the party the girl brought home a friend. They asked if they could play with make-up. I said sure. Behold the result:

This is usually a pretty little girl. See what happens when clowns are allowed to run rampant?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kim
What a great pic of the creepy clown!!!!

Love Julia