Monday, May 5, 2008

Girl Scout Camping

Every year we try to do a family camp-out with our Girl Scouts. We had originally planned to go to a nearby state park back in March, but it got way too cold (I'm a sissy like that) so we had to cancel. We ended up camping in the other leaders backyard. It's a big back yard (acres and acres) and everyone had a blast.

First time campers.

This was really kind of cheat camping for us. We didn't get there till after dark because the girl had a ball game. The tent was already set up for us!

This log has always been good for hours of entertainment.

For reasons I can't really put my finger on it always just makes me a tad bit nervous when it's marshmallow roasting time. No one else seemed the least bit concerned about 10-12 children running around with sticks that had sharp, pointy, hot metal things on the end. Hmm, I guess I'm just a worry-wort.It was all just too much for him.

Bathroom Shuttle

There is nothing better than camping food!

Down at the creek:

Pretty cool backyard, huh?

Make new friends, but keep the old-one is silver and the other's gold.


julia said...

Once again Kim your photos are awsome!!!!
Looks like fun, camping and all.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kim I thought your idea of camping was the Holiday Inn didnt know you had it in you. It looks like fun but my idea of camping is the Holiday Inn