Friday, May 9, 2008

No Friends, But Loved Nonetheless

It was not a fruitful Friday. I had to go it alone. My companions had business to attend to elsewhere today.
I did the regular Friday rounds and didn't find anything noteworthy-except this note that the girl put on my mirror:

What sweetness. I asked myself-what aliens have abducted MY child? Then I remembered-she's in trouble, but she really wants to go to Nana's this weekend. I'm a sucker-I'll let her go~


Anonymous said...

Kim what a sad start to your post. I pray that we keep our fridays for as long as we can after I move. It will take the both of us to stay in touch everyday by phone. I had a good time at the sale today. I hope the money came out in your favor.
Love julia

holly said...

Yeah it doesnt matter if the girl is in trouble or not her going to nanas is a vacation for you. to bad nana wont take them all at once