Sunday, May 25, 2008

No More 4K

The school year has ended for 4K. The 4K class did the Mass and got their certificates. I think my kid thinks he never has to go to school again. He's got a certificate, he's done. His brother and sister must not be nearly as clever as he is because THEY still have to go to school. He will be surprised next year when it's time for Kinder!

The kid in the middle is LOOOEEESAH. He smacks his food-NOT cool. My kid hadn't liked that kid since the beginning of the year-all because of food smackin'. One day LOOOEEESAH's Mom brought cupcakes and something else sugary for snack and LOOOEEESAH barfed all over the playground. Loooeeesah moved to the top of the coolness ladder in one single day-mom brought cupcakes AND he barfed too. He has been the coolest kid ever since.

The Darling Graduates

This is one of the 4K teachers.

Is that face full of JOY or what?!

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