Friday, May 30, 2008

The View Will Improve

We live in an awesome house, in a good neighborhood on a corner lot with a crummy view. When I open my front door, this is what I see:

This old service station has been many things over the years-a lunch counter, liquor store, wrecker service and most recently (for the last 10 years) a car wash. The car wash guy quit washing cars and the lot went up for sale and we bought it.

Front view:

We bought it just so it wouldn't turn into something else even crappier than what we've been looking at since we've lived here. At first I was so excited because I thought: Here's my opportunity to open up my shop! But no, it would cost way too much money to get this building spruced up enough for it to be my shabby chic treasure shop. We will probably end up tearing most of it down and what survives will most likely become DH's workshop. The kids think this would be an awesome spot for a swimming pool!

Everyone pitched in with the manual labor to get it looking a little nicer...well not everyone, I took pictures.

A glimpse of the neighborhood:

Our house:

Break time:

I am considering painting at least one side, the side I have to look at, PINK. We'll see. I'll let you know how it turns out.


Anonymous said...

Dear Kim
If you let those four sit there and look at the place for to long you will lose all rights to any good ideas you might have for it. Tell them to get busy with the sweeping!!!
Love your BFF

holly said...

Hey Kim that is a perfect spot for you to build me my winter home. hurry and get started winter in Indiana could happen really soon Love you Holly