Saturday, June 28, 2008

What We've Been Doing

Swim Team:

Being Goofy:


Hangin' out with friends:

Watching our Police Chief at work:
What a patient man! My friend locked her keys in the car-he was about 30 minutes trying to get it unlocked with kids crawling everywhere!

All-Star Ball:

Tryin' out new hairdo's:

I am really hoping my girl decides NOT to be a hairdresser!

Art Projects:
July will be full of even MORE fun! We still haven't been camping or to the beach yet!


Anonymous said...

What a awsome Mom you are!!!
Looks like you have been keeping the kids very busy this summer. No wounder you needed a break yesterday. Keep the great pic coming.
Love Julia

Anonymous said...

Your right I sure hope the girl doesn't become a hair dresser remember what she done to mine