Tuesday, July 15, 2008

GeoCaching...Some More

GeoCaching is good, cheap fun (except for the $4/gal. gas in a Suburban). We try to get out every couple of months because there are so many caches and it's really like a treasure hunt.This is our first cache from Saturday. In the cache we found our first 'traveler'. You're supposed to take it and put it in another cache. It was a really cool coin and oh how the boys wanted to keep it! But we took it and moved it a little more north. This is what it looked like:
Our next one was a little trickier to find-this is why you should always bring children with you:
Just imagine me on my hands and knees trying to find it-OK-don't-but you see why children are really helpful in a situation like this!

From there we went to an old graveyard in search of another one. We never found the cache, but what an awesome place it was. This stone is for a soldier in the C.S.A. infantry!
Here's another C.S.A. Vet:
Here's Mary. She came to south Texas from Clinton, KY. I wonder how long it took to get from Kentucky to down here back in the day. I know how long it takes today-it ain't quick-especially with a load of kids. I'm gonna guess the journey is what did her in. She was just 31.
This is Captain John Campbell Hunt-A San Jacinto Veteran, Later a Captain in the Army of Texas Born in Alabama in 1811 died in 1840. He was only 29.
I could have spent hours here just looking and imagining, but we had to move on. We went to the forest where we walked about about a million miles. It was really hot. Really. I love the smell of piney woods on a hot, hot day.

Gratuitous cuteness:

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julia said...

Oh Kim what an awsome picture of the kids!!!I miss them. Jacks face is maturing, he is looking so dreamy. I cant wait until tomorrow.
Love Julia