Friday, July 25, 2008

Dance Camp

Pre-show Excitement:
Busy, busy week with VBS and dance camp. The girl loved dance camp-I loved dance camp. No, I didn't dance, but I wanted to. I wish they had a dance camp for out-of-shape, pleasantly plump (*grin*) moms. The first dance was to "What is love"-remember those twitchy guys from Saturday Night Live that jerked their heads to the side and flapped their hands? That's the song. The dance instructor even had the hand flapping. Can you see it?
The boys were diggin' it too (not really):The big boys mom helped in some way with the camp. The instructor needed a boy for part of the dance so this poor kids mom made him do it. He was really not very excited about spending his afternoons with a bunch of little girls. He put up with it well.

The next dance was to Linkin Park Cure for the Itch. (It's the very last song on my music list-listen to it).

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