Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th!

My kids go to Catholic School. That means I have to work fundraisers. I got SIX HOURS at the train ride today. I made the girl work the fish pond:

We had hours and hours of the Shiner Hobo Polka Band. Jealous?

The ring toss is always popular-they give away sodas. The most important thing I've learned in dealing with Catholic school is never, never, never work the ring toss or Asian ping pong-they are KILLERS!
It rained today. A Lot.
Some liked it:
Some didn't:
This is Mark. He LOVES to read my blog. Hi Mark! (waves)
He was really diggin' the smokehouse-couldn't help himself-had to look.

There he is with the woman that claims him-sometimes.
After the picnic, we went to the dinner and fireworks show our church puts on.
Me and Kimberly-there are WAY too many Kimberly's in this town.

It's just a big bummer when you have to eat something besides dessert.

Awesome end to an awesome day-Ahhh-Awesomeness!