Thursday, August 21, 2008

Back to School

The summer flew by. I'm not ready for schedules, routine and early mornings-they aren't either. Since I am not capable of being a homeschool mom, we have to join the rest of the country for back to school.
He's in Kindergarten this year. What kid doesn't like Kindergarten? I know, I know-MINE!He's in 2nd grade. He'll dig it. He is most excited about being able to take his shoes off during class. I do have hillbilly kids.

The girl was mortified that I brought my camera to school and was actually taking pictures-OMG MOM!

That's her to the right behind the yellow piece of paper:

She does happen to like 5th grade-she gets her own locker:

Bright and early Saturday morning we'll be at Wal-mart buying locker decorations. She's getting into decorating-gasp-my heart's aflutter!


Anonymous said...

Oh Kim, you are so loved! Its about time you blog about a new post,Iv been waiting. I feel for you right now, I know how sad it feels around the house with the kids in school and all.My baby starts school next week and I'm a little stressed about seeing him starting a new school. Ya Ya I know his sixteen, but the "Mommy Blues" never really go away. My best advice is to hug them, kiss them, love them and then push them out the door.
Love Ya

Anonymous said...

Oh you poor baby the kids are gone to school and you'll have peace and quiet without sending them to your mom. Enyoy it while you can they'll be home in all their glory in a few hours to tell you all about the drama of the fifth grade girls and if I remember thats when the real drama starts. Its been along time since I had to deal with school but I was always ready to see that big yellow bus come and get the little darlings.

Sarah said...

are you glad that I am leaving comments? Huh??? I really think since I am leaving comments like crazy right now I should get that embroidred pillowcase. Ha.