Friday, August 22, 2008

I have called a recess on my pity party and left the house today. I wasn't amazed at my finds, but I am glad I went. I found some 'happy' stuff.
These Jack-o-lanterns were exciting to find. This is the beginning of my collection of Jacks for the front porch for Halloween this year.

One of my most favorite scents is Sandalwood. How lucky am I to have found these little soaps? And guess what-2 of them are Sandalwood.

These old flash cards will be perfect for scrapbooking. I am about 2 years behind on my scrapbooks-it's sad. I'm hoping if I keep finding stuff to use in the scrapbooks, I'll get excited and get busy.

If I see vintage ribbon, I just have buy it. All this was stuck in a bag-some of it's actually old.

I also found a sweet little mirror-it's vintage.

This is the best-all these old Mexican MuuMuu's and the super-best find is the VINTAGE ROYAL HAWAIIAN dress-yay me-high five. (It's the blue and white one right in the front)

Now on a different note:

What is this and why is this? I was embarrassed at the sight of it. There were women driving the truck this was hangin' on. Is it a warning? Are they bragging? I really don't understand. It's not that I have a problem with testicles-however, some things are meant to be private and honestly, testicles are one of those things. It made me gag seein' this so I just had to share. It's a visual version of "Gross, this stinks! Here you smell it."

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Sarah said...

My little girl is growing up. 5th grade....she was just a couple months old when I first met you all. The girl really needs to quit growing. She will have a car before you know it.