Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Dear Guest, We're so pleased you have chosen to stay with us.

L'auberge du lac Casino Resort-it was a blur, a whirlwind, a girl's getaway cut short by some malevolent male energy.
We left early Sunday morning and weren't supposed to return until Tuesday night. It started off great! We left early. I didn't want to wake everyone in my house up so I waited on the steps. Like I said-it was early-no hairdo, no make-up. Julia said I looked like a kid waiting to go to camp.
Julia, Tammy and I met my mom at Neighborhood 5-Katy Mills. We were ready for some high-rolling casino action. Julia brought her life savings:
Tammy even brought food so we wouldn't have to waste money eating-it was dah-lish-us.Woo-hoo, almost there:First Glimpse:Oh, how we love our cameras!It's a good thing we had food in the car because I really didn't want any of this:We stole from the bellman because he was just a little too slow moving for us:The room was like the arctic with a really good view:We didn't want to start off right away losing all our money so we sat by the pool for some girly drinks:We each went our separate ways-Julia to the crap tables, Joyce and Tammy to the slots, me to the black jack tables. They wouldn't let us take photos in the casino so much of our trip remains undocumented. Sigh.
We met up to gourge ourselves in case we hit a winning spree and were unable to leave the casino:Once we were thouroughly stuffed we were back at it-me until the wee hours. The others hung it up early-they lost too much already or wanted to watch their Sunday night shows.

Monday morning started early with panic and chaos. At 6 AM the phone started ringing-the message was "If you want to gamble anymore you better go now because we have to leave soon. There's a hurricane coming, they're starting to evacuate Galveston." The only reason I would be gambling at 6 am is if I never came back to the room! Anyway that started the day off dreadfully. It just wound up being a tropical storm. (The malevolent male energy-Edouard). Here's a letter stuck under the door from hotel management. Click to enlarge if you just gotta read it.We gave up our second night and headed home about 6 pm so we wouldn't get trapped on the easily flooded highway east of Houston. Some of us were winners:

Some of us not so much:

Ever since Katrina and Rita, people around here are a little sensitive about tropical storms and hurricanes. Julia was driving us home and I couldn't get her to stop on highway so I could get a good shot of this sign (sometimes she's just too sensible and stuff-lol). It says:

Danger, Will Robinson (not really-heeheehee)

Storm Warning

Fill Your Gas Tanks

We made it home without incedent and it still hasn't even rained at my house. I think Lake Charles, LA is getting hammered though-so it's probably a good thing we came back early. I still got a few bucks in my pocket and I can't wait till next time!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kim
What great time we had!! O and thanks for the crowned bottoms. I cant wait for the next outting.
Love Julia