Friday, July 25, 2008

Vacation Bible School Rocks

I usually dread working at VBS. Honestly, I don't really like other peoples kids all that much.* It's hard-the whining, the insolence, the questions, the non-stop chatter and noise. It wears on me. Children's Ministry is just not my thing. I often wonder how come there are kids at my house constantly-I only bore 3, but there are more than that here most days. Anyway, this year I was in charge of crafts. This was the most awesome VBS year ever! The children were polite, obedient, happy (well, most of them)-just wonderful little human beings. I was so happy to be there-miracles are real I'll tell ya! We went to Outrigger Island this week-hula skirts and lei's were everywhere. This is DeAnna-she helped this week-was there everyday-you go girl-thanks! I don't know who the little creepy kid is beside her-lol-yes I do-it's hers.I did have lots of help in crafts-DeAnna is the only one I got a picture of though. Thanks too to Cynthia and KayNan!

Tonight was the last hurrah and the church hosted a "luau"-we didn't roast pigs and eat poi, but we did have Hawaiian punch. The kids sang their songs and then played on water slides.There was even a volcano:Preacher-man is not afraid of his girly side-see his skirt:Waikiki Water Slides:It was an awesome week and the VBS team did an awesome job. I am really looking forward to next year!

*Let me clarify-I don't enjoy trying to make other people's kids behave, mind, follow the rules, listen, be polite, etc. It's just no fun, it's tiring. I LOVE polite, well-behaved, well-mannered, charming children-who doesn't? When a child responds to my directives with a yes ma'am and uses please/thank you-I am absolutely smitten. So I am NOT a child hater-I am a hater of trying to civilize unruly munchkins.

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julia said...

You make me laugh!!!!! Your soooo honest!! Belive me,,, I know what you mean about the little people.
Love julia